Over time, every aquarium requires makeup water addition due to evaporative loss.  The rate of makeup necessary depends upon the aquarium type, ventilation, lighting and other factors.  Replenishing this loss can become a daily chore which for some aquarium systems cannot be ignored.

We offer a means to monitor water level via a solid state float switch which adds makeup inventory automatically.


Now with the solid state float switch, you can take a  weekend getaway without having to maintain the aquarium.

This useful device takes the daily top off chore out of your way by automatically adding water as needed from a standby reservoir.  Sump level is detected via a small  reed float switch.  When a sump low level is reached, the float switch actuates a solid state power module which switches household voltage to a standard outlet.  A small powerhead plugged into this outlet adds water to the sump from the reservoir. Once sump level is restored, the water addition automatically shuts off.  Sump level is maintained within 1/4 inch.  With a 5-10 gallon container in reserve, you don't have to worry about daily additions.  Simply refill the reservoir as needed.

This device can also detect a sump low level to interrupt power to the expensive main circulating pump.  If you worry about the consequences of running your pump dry, or if you have ever run your main circulating pump dry, then you can't afford not to be without this device.  As long as there is adequate level in the sump, power will be supplied to the pump.  Should level drop to a point where the pump suction could draw air,  power is interrupted to the pump.


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Completely safe. Less than 1/100 of a watt of power flows through the reed float switch. The low voltage circuit that senses reed switch position is coupled to the gate circuitry of the power device itself, providing complete isolation. The electronic switching module and outlet receptacle are housed in a sturdy marine enclosure which protects the unit from water intrusion and prohibits corrosion.

A great time saver. Automate water addition and forget about it for a week or two. May be utilized to protect the main circulating pump from a low suction level. This prevents the pump from running dry which destroys the pump.

A constant small addition of makeup water maintains the salinity of saltwater constant. This is part of the secret to a healthy salt-water aquarium.

Built to last a lifetime..  No metal pieces come into contact with the aquarium water.  Silent solid state circuitry.  Enclosure is rust and corrosion proof.

Great for dosing or adding chemicals over time. Just add the chemicals to the makeup reservoir.

May be used to switch any household load up to 1500 watts such as solenoid valves, motor operated valves, lights or alarms.


To install the unit to replace evaporative losses from the aquarium, you need only secure the module if desired,  place the reed float switch at the sump position you wish to maintain level, plug in a small powerhead at the module,  place the powerhead in a makeup reservoir and extend a length of  tubing from the powerhead to the sump.

To install the unit to protect the main circulating pump, you need only secure the module if desired,  place the reed float switch at the sump level you wish the pump to shutoff and plug in the main circulating pump at the module.